What is it?

AudioScrape is a small tool that lets you record any sound coming out of any Windows-based computer, and save it as a WAV or MP3.

You can save audio from games, streaming audio/video and many other sources. This audio is saved as a file that you can keep forever and do whatever you want with.

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How do I get started?

Try the free demo. The only limitation it has is a maximum 2 minute time limit per recording. In every other way it's fully functional.

To use it, run the program. Click "Start Recording". When you're finished, click "Stop and Save" and pick a filename. That's it.

If you're not sure whether AudioScrape can do what you need, just download the demo and find out. It won't leave anything behind on your computer if you just delete it.

Is this legal?

You'll have to consult the license and/or terms of service for the content you're scraping. A simple audio utility cannot tell whether you're infringing on someone's intellectual property. There is no piece of software that can grant you a license to any and all content you access with it.

Is there any downside to trying the demo?

Not really. There's no installer, it's just a single file you can run. If you don't like it you can just delete it. It drops some DLL files in the folder it runs in; you can delete those too if you want.

If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I have a technical question!

We've got an extensive technical FAQ you can check out.

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AudioScrape uses the LAME MP3 Encoder.